Gardens are meant to enjoy the splendor of their beauty. Our butterfly garden was created not only for its beauty but also to support the butterfly population in the valley. The garden is located at the bottom of Spry Ave.

Some people only like to look at the butterflies, while others like to take pictures as well. Valleys 2000 try to help the butterfly population by planting native plants which rare or threatened butterflies feed on. Our efforts focus on increasing the populations of butterflies. This is important as many butterflies are becoming less abundant as a result of habitat destruction and fragmentation, and they do not feed on the plants regularly found in gardens. Butterflies also serve as flower pollinators and attracting the butterflies can also assist in the pollination of nearby plants. Typically, flowers of plants that attract butterflies also attract other insect pollinators

Butterfly Garden

Our Butterfly garden is designed to create an environment that attracts butterflies, as well as certain moths. Our Garden is aimed at inviting those butterflies and moths to lay eggs as well. Because some plants are not fed upon by adult butterflies, the caterpillar host are planted for a bigger population of butterflies. Butterflies typically feed on the nectar of flowers, and there are hundreds of such plants that may be planted to attract them. In addition to the planting of flowers that feed butterflies, other means of attracting them include constructing ¨butterfly houses¨, providing sand for puddling, water, and other resources or food items, including rotten fruit

Butterfly garden rehab

In 2015 volunteers cleaned out the overgrown plants and started fresh with new planting. Over the years the following have been added – a bird bath, a butterfly bath, a sun dial and feeders to support the local bird population. More work continues with plants being added and plans for additional gardens throughout the valley.

Though the garden were originally made possible by a donation from the Rotary Club of Bowmanville, we could not have done what we have so far without the support of volunteers who come out to the garden, so if interested please contact the Valleys 2000 group.