Our group has been formed for the sole purpose of conserving our fisheries on Bowmanville Creek.

To inform the public with regards to uses of Bowmanville Valley Lands and ethical practices of Sports Fishing. Work with the Ministry of Natural Resources Conservation Officers regarding enforcement issues. This group is not an association or club.

It is for interested parties for the improvements of the Bowmanville Creek Watersheds.. We also work with the C.L.O.C.A. in improving Bowmanville Creek Watersheds. We also assist Valleys 2000 with operations of the Bowmanville Creek By-Pass Channel. We Involve youths from the community to participate in assisting us while doing spawning surveys each spring for the Ministry of Natural Resources and stream bank cleanups. We have tours for interested groups such as educating school children of the importance of our natural resources.
We are currently looking for funding for a fish counter at the By-Pass Channel.

If anyone is interested in assisting us in our endeavors we can be reached at
[email protected] 905-985-1407 Dave Lawson- Co-ordinator for Bowmanville Creek Conservation Group