Valleys 2000 Commemorative Forest

Can you imagine how beautiful the mature trees in the Bowmanville Creek Valley will look like in twenty-five years? This is a vision to keep in mind when you are considering donating a tree in honour of a specific occasion or milestone. Currently, there are trees that recognize the special “hatched, matched or dispatched” people in one’s life; trees that honour retirements and anniversaries; trees that speak to the bond between beloved pets and their owners; trees that recognize special achievements. Because this is not just a memorial forest but a Commemorative Forest and a living tribute to honour life’s special moments and people.

commemorative forest 3

In the interest of maintaining the natural look of the area, and because of issues involving grass cutting and trimming, the policy of Valleys 2000 and the Municipality of Clarington is that no ribbons, decorations, markers or other identification will be placed in the treed area other than those placed by Valleys 2000 or the Municipality.

Over six acres of native hardwoods and softwoods will occupy the southern portion of the Valley, accessible north of the Baseline Road and East of Spry Avenue. A dedication plaque is located across from the Butterfly Garden at the north end of the Forest. Trees are planted in the late fall and an annual dedication ceremony is held in June.

Please see the Tree Application form below for the cost of a tree and the types of trees that are recommended by the arborist.

Payment: Please make out a cheque to Valleys 2000 for $400 and mail to:

Doug James
4 Burk Court
Bowmanville, Ont.
L1C 3V8

Valleys 2000 Commemorative Forest
For the label which goes on the plaque please print clearly the EXACT wording you would like to see on that label. The least number of words is best so as to ensure the print size is as large as it can be.
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Alternatively, you can download and mail the PDF to the above address. Download the PDF here.