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The Valley pathways in the Bowmanville and Soper creeks remain open to those who wish to walk and cycle as long as they maintain the appropriate social (physical) distancing from each other. Please remember certain activities are forbidden on these public lands including the use of all-terrain vehicles and fishing out of season.

Valleys 2000, abiding by standards defined by DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), MNR (the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry), CLOCA (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority), and the Municipality, will work exclusively with the Municipality to build a strategic vision to develop, enhance, promote and preserve; trails, river bank improvements, informational signage, fish and wildlife habitat and special natural areas along parts of the Bowmanville and Soper Creek Valleys in any works it undertakes.

Valleys 2000 furthers the development of the hiking trails and the living outdoor activity area within the Bowmanville and Soper Creek Valley, which are river valleys running through the heart of Bowmanville, Ontario.

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Helping to shape the vision for the Bowmanville Zoo park lands
Helping to shape the vision for the Bowmanville Zoo park landsIt’s not every day that 35 acres of urban parkland becomes available. The former Bowmanville Zoo closed a few years ago after nearly 100 years of private operation. The land has been sold to a developer, but 35 acres of the former site have been given to the Municipality of Clarington for an imaginative greenspace use. The park portion lies in the floodplain of the neighboring Soper Creek, and would contain paths along the creek connecting the lands to existing trail systems to the north and south. Seeing an opportunity to help shape the vision for this greenspace, Valleys 2000 has entered into a formal agreement with the Municipality of Clarington (endorsed by Council on May 30, 2022). Bowmanville has a unique opportunity with a 35-acre plot of land, to create a bold and ambitious vision for a municipal park that will attract residents from across Clarington and beyond. Valleys 2000 volunteers are keen to help create something special. Valleys 2000 has engaged The Planning Partnership, a leading landscape architect, to create a high-level concept for creative use of this space. The first step is a visioning session (“charette”) with municipal staff and community leaders, which will help inform a comprehensive Parks Master Plan for the Bowmanville Zoo Lands. As a charity organization, Valleys 2000 has committed to fundraise to support the park once the Master Plan has been approved by Clarington Council. Valleys 2000 is proud to be working shoulder to shoulder with the Municipality of Clarington to help shape a world-class park within urban Bowmanville that will be enjoyed for generations. [...] Read more...

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