BOWMANVILLE, June 20, 2020 – Valleys 2000 today launched “Connected Creeks,” a series of smartphone-based digital wayfinding stations on Bowmanville and Soper creeks.

Starting today, visitors to Bowmanville Creek and Soper Creek can use their smartphones to take a guided, interactive tour of the valleys. By tapping their phones on one of 18 prominently placed green and blue circular stations, people will gain access to web pages, activities, and games for children to learn more about the creeks’ important ecosystem within the Bowmanville community.

“Over the past three months of Covid lockdown, more and more Clarington families have come to appreciate just how blessed we are to have such amazing urban greenspaces,” said Ron Strike, President of Valleys 2000. “Now, everyone who loves our Valleys will have a new, high tech way to find out about their history, wildlife, and the important role they play in Durham’s great quality of life. Thanks to all our volunteers and partners who helped make this project possible.”

“Connected Creeks” has been part of the ongoing Resilient Circle of Green, an ambitious plan spearheaded by Valleys 2000 to connect the trail systems from Bowmanville Creek to Soper Creek south at the lake and to the north, making Bowmanville surrounded by a circle of greenspace and paths for walkers, runners, cyclists and anglers to enjoy.

“The Greenbelt Foundation is proud to have supported Valleys 2000 in creating this innovative system of wayfinding stations, part of Bowmanville’s broader ‘Resilient Circle of Green’ initiative,” said Edward McDonnell, CEO of the Greenbelt Foundation. “Especially in light of COVID-19 and the need for socially distant outdoor activities, these self-guiding stations present an excellent opportunity for citizens to safely enjoy the Greenbelt and learn about the creek’s ecological, cultural and economic significance.”

Connected Creeks is the first part of that master plan, and was funded collaboratively through the Greenbelt Foundation and Park People, after Valleys 2000 received a $25,000 grant in 2019. Other partners included Ontario Power Generation ($5000), Will Davidson LLP/ Ron Strike ($5000) and several other community partners.


“This is an incredibly important day for the Bowmanville community and our beautiful valleys,” said Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster. “I think we all know that our valleys contribute to our great quality of life — and now thanks to the hard work of volunteers and municipal staff and the generosity of our businesses, we’ll all know exactly how much.”

The socially distanced grand opening of “Connected Creeks” took place June 20th at Bowmanville Creek, accompanied by Mayor Foster, Valleys Board Members, Greenbelt executives and municipal leaders.

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