New Project Also Creates a Vision for a “Resilient Circle of Green” Around the Town 

BOWMANVILLE, September 25, 2019 – Valleys 2000 today announced an exciting, high-tech interpretive project for the Bowmanville Valleys system and the launch of a new vision for greenspace in Clarington.    

The Resilient Circle of Green project is a community-inspired outreach and engagement project that is designed to educate the public on the ecological, cultural and economic significance of the Bowmanville Creek Valley System. The $50,000 project is being launched in partnership with the Greenbelt Foundation and Park People, who have contributed $25,000. 

Starting this fall, visitors to Bowmanville Creek and Soper Creek will be able to tap their smartphones on one of 17 well-marked digital wayfinding stations to learn more about wildlife, flora and history of the creek systems. The new stations will send participants’ phones to web pages, games and activities that help tell the story of the valley and its place in the Greenbelt. The plan also includes new physical signage and kiosks at the entrances to the creek trails, and updated web content for the Valleys 2000 website. 

“Thanks to the Greenbelt Foundation and Parks People for helping to fund this exciting community project,” said Lloyd Rang, Treasurer of Valleys 2000. “Visitors will be able to learn about and experience our valleys in a whole new way — including games for the kids, song-bird and plant identifier apps, and historical and archival footage that tell an amazing story about our creeks.”

The new project also informs visitors about the ambitious, proposed vision for the valleys system. The Resilient Circle of Green could see the Soper and Bowmanville Creek trails joined at the south along the lakefront and to the north of Bowmanville, creating a circle of greenspace and trails around Bowmanville for cyclists, anglers, runners and families to enjoy. 

The project is part of a collaborative grant program that helps people explore, celebrate and enhance their local urban river valleys. Community-based organizations including Conservation Authorities, social service agencies, local schools, nonprofits and Indigenous communities were eligible to apply for up to $25,000.

“The Bowmanville and Soper Creek watersheds are important ecosystems with significant historical, social and ecological value,” said Edward McDonnell, CEO of the Greenbelt Foundation. “We’re pleased to invest in enhancing these river valleys as part of our 2019 Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program, which strives to deepen the public’s connection to their local Greenbelt-protected river valley.”

“Last year, over 2000 people were engaged through this program.  There was such great work happening across the GTA” said Dave Harvey, Executive Director Park People. “We’re very excited to see this —and other community impacts — that the projects will have this year.”   

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About Valleys 2000:

Valleys 2000 furthers the development of the hiking trails and the living outdoor activity area within the Bowmanville and Soper Creek Valley, which are river valleys running through the heart of Bowmanville, Ontario.

About the Greenbelt:

Ontario’s Greenbelt is the solution for fresh air, clean water, and a thriving economy with healthy local food and active outdoor recreation. At 2 million acres, it’s the world’s largest permanently protected greenbelt, keeping our farmlands, forests, and wetlands safe and secure. The Greenbelt Foundation works to help keep farmers successful, strengthen local economies, protect natural features, and promote sustainable growth. 

In 2017, the Greenbelt was expanded to protect 21 major urban river valleys and associated coastal wetlands across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Learn more at greenbelt.ca.

About Park People:

Park People’s mission is to build strong communities across Canada by animating and improving parks, placing them at the heart of life in the city. Park People supports and mobilizes people to help them activate the power of parks to improve quality of life in cities across Canada.

For further information: Lloyd Rang, Treasurer Valleys 2000, 905.431.4779 [email protected]


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